Dating my roommate

may sound like a great idea but remember that your relationship will get much more intense, quickly.Moving in together is a stage that many couples don’t reach until they have been dating for quite a while, and so you need to be totally sure that you’re prepared for it.But when I tried to say I was tired and we should leave the restaurant a strange look came over her face. Now I wasn’t even allowed in my own room because my roommate was worried I’d find out that this weekend fling last semester was still going on.Dating your roommate is a common mistake made by young students who are living on their own for the first time.

I was okay with it because I couldn’t be hypocritical for moving on.

Sure, we aren’t the closest of friends, but I live with her. Regardless to say this breaks girl code to the 9th degree.

Trying to be a supportive friend encouraging her to be happy is the hardest part of this whole thing, but then I remember the only reason my friends know him is from coming out with us last year when him and I were dating. Yes, we had broken up over the summer, but the first time they slept together was the first weekend back.

While at the beginning it can be nice having your partner there all the time, after a while it may prove to be too much.

When you start going out with someone, it’s natural to want to look your best around them and make a special effort.