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Dating from the 16th to the 19th centuries, the maps document everything from peoples to borders to geographical features, and were created by a number of nations, including France, Great Britain and Holland — all that variation reveals portions of history that in some cases have been ignored. The maps were indeed useful for their research, but Avila said she “was also able to point out the migration from Europe to the Americas first. And yet, when you read the narrative of this map and the way Texas was taken over, we weren’t really justified in taking this land over hostilely.”School of Transborder Studies Director Alejandro Lugo has helped curate a map exhibition at Hayden Library that shows how Arizona and the Southwest have been depicted over hundreds of years.

A group of students recently toured the collection as research for a project looking at migration to the U. If we’re going to really talk about migration, who’s migrating where? Photo by Deanna Dent/ASU Now The images pasted directly onto the walls in Hayden are digital print reproductions of the actual maps, magnified so viewers can see the finer details.

He donated it all to the school in 2012, where it is on permanent display in the Avila calls Burrow’s maps “key maps,” because they are key in understanding truths about the history of the Southwest. with Arizona mining history that is typically recognized as the state’s official history.

Bringing both elements together allows for inclusion of communities typically omitted from Arizona history...”.

Idaho State Police investigators are still trying to determine what happened and who may be at fault.

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An exhibit of rare maps at ASU is challenging assumptions about the history of the American Southwest by showing a range of details that conflict depending on what was being documented and who was doing the work, a curator with ASU’s School of Transborder Studies said.“The maps show you things you didn’t expect or even know,” said Theresa Avila, co-curator of “Greater Arizona: Mapping Place, History and Transformation.” “For instance, that this area belonged to France at one point — or at least France thought so.“These maps are documents; they’re historical; they’re produced by the most learned of their time.

”All of the maps in the Hayden exhibit come from the School of Transborder Studies Simon Burrow Collection. Some of the maps have been modified, like the one from 1866 marking the gold, copper and silver deposits in the region.

Burrow, a global industrialist, accumulated the collection of more than 100 original maps and 200 books over nearly three decades out of a desire to better understand the U. and Mexico borderlands where he conducted business. government in 1839, features the independent “Republic of Texas.” At the time, however, ownership of that land was in dispute between the U. and Mexico, which did not acknowledge Texas’ declaration of independence.“This map in particular really highlights a very key moment … Old photos of miners are affixed to the map at the location where they were taken.“In an effort to remember and connect the different phases of development of Arizona” reads the accompanying plaque, “this map is paired …