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In early June 2005, Zach Stark, a White Station High School student, posted these words on his My Space page: "Today, my mother, father, and I had a very long 'talk' in my room, where they let me know I am to apply for a fundamentalist Christian program for gays." That fundamentalist program, described by Stark in a later post as a "boot camp," was Refuge, a two-week day camp where gay kids were taught how to become straight kids.After Stark's My Space post, local LGBT equality advocates held a week of protests outside Love In Action, and the Memphis ministry made national headlines, including a story in Love In Action eventually discontinued the Refuge program and moved to an adults-only conversion therapy model.These days, nearly half of the American public knows a couple or two who has met their spouse or partner online, and the attitudes are growing progressively positive.In fact, the online dating scene has surged for people under 35 - as expected - but also for those in their 40s, 50s and even early 60s. One of the hardest things about LGBT dating sites can be finding the right platform for you.Back in the day insurance company’s use to load or charge more premium if you were living a gay life style and it was mainly because of the risk factor when AIDS first hit and ninety percent of its victims were from the community and finding lgbt insurance agents.

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With the recent shootings in Florida, Orlando on June 12, when Mateen opened fire early Sunday morning at a “gay” nightclub in Orlando, killing at least 50 people and wounding another 53 in what is being described as the deadliest mass shooting in U. Reported hate crimes committed against individuals for their sexual orientation increased in 2007 to 1,265, the highest level in five years.

I have a female client who is an interior designer and wants a disability policy but is going to have to pay more for her profession because it is a prominently an industry populated by gays and they can not single out males so they load the whole profession.

I’ve been in the life insurance business long enough to find out an occasion when life insurance coverage companies would outright deny life insurance policies policies for homosexual couples, citing “no legal financial justification”.

For those tired of the scene, yet still hoping to make a meaningful connection, there’s a new stage being set online...

Online dating is now so common that not only is the social stigma around finding a match online vastly lower, it’s actually become the norm.

Oklahoma dating homosexual