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In particular, an individual can commit domestic violence against a spouse, ex-spouse, the co-parent of the individual's child, or a relative related to the individual by blood or marriage.

Florida laws also protect against domestic violence occurring between individuals who currently cohabitate or who formerly cohabitated together in the same household.

Those convicted of domestic violence already face severe consequences in Florida.

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Arizona: After “Kaity’s Law” was passed in 2009, SB 1308 (2010): Permits a school district to adopt dating abuse policies and to incorporate dating violence education into health curricula for grades 7-12.The following steps will be taken to raise awareness, reduce its prevalence, and encourage the reporting of teen dating abuse.High school students will be educated on the violations of Florida State Statutes, the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors, the dangers and effects associated to violence, safety and protection measures, and procedures on reporting abuse.In Pennsylvania, nearly ten percent of high school students have already experienced physical abuse from a dating partner.On average, half of young victims are abused on school campuses.