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Draiman said, "the first record I ever bought was Kiss’ Destroyer.

And those classic bands like Black Sabbath were my first loves...

Maybe it's because I love Ronnie so much and revere him as a god of vocal ability. “We might want to do a debut in America of the same show we did in Wacken, because it's not fair for the Americans and the Canadians that didn't get to see it, whereas the Europeans did.

It just bugs me." Ronnie's widow Wendy, who manages Dio Disciples and is a member of the Eyellusion team, said of the proposed tour back in August: “We'd like to do a whole show, with Ronnie coming in and out, doing maybe six songs, and he would come in and out during the set of the Dio band playing with him.

“If anything, it’s increased my aggression because I now have this little being to defend and the odds of the world are against everyone.

You read any of the stuff that drives any of us nuts on any given day, and it puts more and more doubt into your head in terms of what this world is turning into.”Draiman doesn’t want to go into any detail about what political leaders he’s particularly incensed about or what policies or activities are most galling to him.

“This track and the success that it has seen is only further proof and validation of that.

I’m not saying that all of a sudden we’re going to become an orchestral, ambient, acoustic, operatic band, but that definitely is something that we can have as part of our repertoire.

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During the four years Disturbed were away, Draiman maintained a strong profile in the metal community by regularly sharing his thoughts about the world via Twitter and Facebook.These excursions into rougher areas were all the more jarring because of the setting, where viewers used to cackling audiences wooing over the appearances of the wacky neighbor suddenly found themselves faced with sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy, and death by drunk-driving, all played out in front of a live studio hush.Characters who'd barely had to emote further than shrugs of exasperation were suddenly left upset or afraid, leaving you trapped in the terrible no-man's land of feelings, with no laugh track to cling onto.Immediately after the performance, hologram entertainment company Eyellusion issued a press release revealing the hologram was one year in the making and there are plans afoot for it to be toured globally in 2017. Speaking to Argentina's Vorterix radio (via Blabbermouth), Draiman said the idea of his hero Ronnie James Dio going on tour in a hologram form didn’t sit too well with him. I'm always happy to hear any music from anybody that's left us, that we've lost. The hologram thing, to me, it almost isn't letting the dead be dead,” he said.