Dating someone of a different religion

She says that when she ran for the position of Hillel President last year, some notable people in the community expressed concern over her involvement in an interfaith relationship.“It was not a huge issue,” she said, “but it was something that I had to justify.”Many Harvard Jewish students say that both dating and marrying within the faith are important to them.“I think that dating within the faith..a strong value that many Jews have.To have the president or the moral leader of the community not acting in line with that value is a questionable thing,” Summer said. GOD Some students say that having a partner of a different faith or with a different level of commitment to the faith may interfere with their own relationship with God. Gillis ’08, a Protestant from an Evangelical background, says the importance of shared religious beliefs is emphasized in The New Testament.But the choice to date someone may have unexpected implications—especially if that person does not share your religion, Summer says. Bhaskarabhatla ’09, who is Hindu, says he thinks “a relationship shouldn’t focus on a person’s religious tradition and background but mainly on personal characteristics and compatibility.” His parents would not agree.Faced with these complexities, many students say they will not date members of other religions, and those who say they are willing to do so admit it isn’t always easy. Interfaith dating forces many students to make a difficult choice: conceal their relationship from their parents, or face fighting with them about it, Bhaskarabhatla says.

The process of exploring these important issues has to do with what each considers to be of such great importance that they cannot compromise.

Completing your dating profile accurately in all areas is vital to finding reliable matches on any dating website, of course.

However, this is especially true of questions regarding ‘religion’. Sure, if you’re an atheist who doesn’t particularly care about the religiosity of your potential dating matches, then you have the option to shape your dating profile on to reflect that.

At, we found that asking someone to identify their religion in their dating profile is only useful when we combine that with a separate question, ‘how important is your religion to you’.

This is because religion can tell us something about a person’s background, as much as it can tell us about their values and beliefs.

Dating someone of a different religion