Updating ps3 with storage media

Your PS3 will update it’s firmware, beep 4 times, and then shut down. When you power up your PS3 (switch on the console), it will be jailbroken! Thanks to Stealth Bravo for the above jailbreak guide. Once again you need a USB pen drive, so plug it into your Computer and copy the file you downloaded in Step 1 into the root of your USB stick. Jailbreaking PS3 has opened up the doors, so we need to wait and see what all custom packages are going to be out.Something like the digital version of Uncharted 3 will eat up a huge chunk of an older PS3's HDD.

Upgrade to a 7200rpm hard drive or a more expensive 2.5-inch SSD, though, and you'll see significantly improvements to load times.Now to verify you qa flag is enabled, go to network settings.don’t open the menu but just move the cursor on the icon like below: Now on your controller press these buttons at the same time : L1 L2 L3 (press left stick) R1 R2 dpad_down and you should see the folloing menu appearing : You will not be able to install any CFW yet, the syscon version is 9.99 so we need to fix this with the 3.55 rogeros firwmare: Copy the file on your USB stick (overwrite the downgrader file) and insert the USB in your PS3, now go to Update and choose to update from Storage Device.After a recent discovery of exploit by a German team fail0verflow, Geohot has released PS3 root keys on his website : You cannot install or play pirated games on PS3 after jailbreak. Here are the steps to jailbreak PS3 on 3.55 using Geohot’s jailbreak tool. Download PS3 Jailbreak and unzip it on your desktop. Take a USB pen drive and in it’s root create a folder named ‘PS3’.