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Unfortunately for admirers dreaming of a ménage à trois scenario with the two brothers, it seems only one is single — and the other has pretty high standards: Both men were pictured with dates during the Miss USA competition in June.

(Although the twins are identical, their dates certainly weren’t… ) Drew’s date was girlfriend Linda Phan, a PR and event coordinator from Toronto.

She is my life, but I am looking for a little female companionship. I play the piano, I draw, I play video games and read. I'm 5'2, 100 lbs and an A cup, what more you need to know? This might sound boring but I would prefer to curl up watching a good movie then to go out to bars. I figure in that situation I had a free pass to lol. I'm a bit of a workaholic so I need to learn to schedule better and work enough to pay bills but work less overall.

I like hiking, am 420 friendly, and I watch shitty TV shows in my spare time :p. I bond with my older brother over League of Legends and Minecraft. But you don't have to like what I like, for me to like you :) My dating life is basically limited to dating girls who then realize they're straight..being that friend couples call to "join" Damn.** I have a beautiful teenage daughter who is currently learning to drive 😬. I'm pretty straight and narrow when it comes to "partying" I guess we'll call it.

The automobile has its enthusiasts - and, like any other pastime - its collectors - folks who join car clubs and share their beauties from the past with the public who come to admire their restored or original treasures.

Often times, couples might put off getting engaged due to the high price of the wedding ring. Without sales tax, big gifts, including jewelry, are significantly cheaper than they might be elsewhere.As the temperatures drop, there are no better cuddlers around than folks from the Granite State.While there might not have any local pro sports teams, New Hampshirites have no problem showing love for their East Coast favorites.) “It’s great for me, because we work all over the place, and my girlfriend travels around with us,” he told Canada’s last fall.Even before they began dating, it seems Drew and Linda knew each other for a while — at least if Jonathan and Drew are as close as they claim to be.